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Give Us A Call At:

(808) 460-4323


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Why Choose Tropical Escapes Realty

Maintenance & Inspection

Tropical Escapes Realty is dedicated to maintaining your property a number of different ways. We perform inspections between every guest, regular deep cleanings, routine preventative maintenance, and have a set of trusted vendors. By combining these things we ensure that we keep your property in great condition!


What good is an investment if you do not have great accounting. Tropical Escapes Realty uses a state of the art bookkeeping software to ensure accurate records are kept of all your funds. From rental proceeds we are able to pay a variety of recurring charges, and remit appropriate tax filings. Each owner has access to their account 24/7 using an owners portal.

Housekeeping Services

We have a dedicated housekeeping company with proven guest satisfaction. This housekeeping company ensures that a thorough inspection is completed after each cleaning to maintain high standards.

Guest Services

Tropical Escapes Realty is dedicated to providing great experiences for all guests. We are always available for any questions regarding accommodations or recommendations for local favorites. We strive to exceed expectations and earn amazing reviews for your property!

How we Protect Your Investment

Our team is dedicated to not just maximizing your investment, but maintaining it. We ensure your property is thoroughly inspected between every guest, allowing preventative maintenance to be scheduled before becoming emergent. We have high standards for quality, and don’t wait for complaints before replacing household items as they become outdated or worn.

How we Grow Your Investment

Through our thousands of guests hosted, we know what guests expect, and continuously update our condo’s to match their desires. Through our high standards and keeping up with current trends we attract guests attention. We use pricing algorithms to always stay competitive, keeping your property booked and income producing!

Interested? Let's Talk

We are always looking to expand our portfolio, contact us to start your rental evaluation.